01 Dec

Improve your Smile with Tooth Colored Filings

Countless patients have visited our office seeking cosmetic solutions to the silver amalgam fillings they have had for years. As the public becomes more aware of the cosmetic dentistry options available to them such as with tooth-colored fillings more and more people are seeking this treatment. We are able to replace old amalgam fillings with new white fillings that are matched for shade and fit. Additionally new restorations are made using minimally invasive techniques that preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible.

With modern advancements in dentistry tooth-like materials such as composite resins and porcelains have allowed us to create natural looking and feeling restorations for your teeth quickly and easily. With these materials we have managed to mimic nature’s combination of strength and resilience while creating suitable replacements to metal fillings. The process of bonding resin to the tooth’s dentin (protective layer) is made successful by specially preparing teeth and then sealing them for use. We use special adhesives to restore damaged teeth back to the full form and function that originally existed.

Dental fillings and their placement rely heavily on the expertise of the dentist performing the procedure and their ability to blend art and science. Effective tooth restoration involves specialized knowledge of the shapes and fit of your teeth and their function. Where older restorations such as gold or amalgam were used because of their strength characteristics they failed in that they cannot handle the flex properties of the surrounding tooth when exposed to hot’s and colds. Newer developments suggest that mimicking the properties of natural teeth is better than going towards the stronger and stiffer concepts of the past.

Modern dental restorations such as tooth colored fillings offer many advantages both in appearance and in functionality. Done correctly, they strengthen and stabilize the tooth giving patients a tooth that looks natural and functions as such. Additionally these treatments are more conservative and cheaper than those of the past resulting in another reason to smile.