Yes! Dr. Preeti Nare offers full service implant dentistry. A few precisely placed implants can secure your dentures for a dependable, strong bite. Learn more about dental implants here.

Yes. Missing teeth allow bone in your jaw to deteriorate. Because your other teeth must take on an additional workload, they can shift out of place, altering your occlusion (how upper and lower teeth fit together) and your smile. Furthermore, when teeth are missing, you're likely to lose even more teeth. Modern bridgework, partials, and dental implants replace lost teeth and will restore the integrity of your oral health and smile. Ask Dr. Preeti Nare about replacement options, and she'll provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about prosthetic dentistry.

As cosmetic dentists, Dr. Preeti Nare offer many esthetic services that can brighten, straighten, and improve the appearance of your smile. Studies show that people with an attractive smile appear more successful, friendly, and intelligent. Furthermore, with a beautiful smile, you'll enjoy confidence in your image – and that can translate into success in all areas of life. Learn more about cosmetic dentistry here.

Oral sedation has helped countless people overcome issues that keep them from proper dental care. Whether traditional anesthesia doesn't work for you, stress and anxiety have kept you from dental care, or you have a sensitive gag reflex, our sedation dentists can help. Oral sedation involves nitrous oxide (laughing gas), an oral sedative, or a combination of the two to promote total peace of mind and body during dental procedures.