20 Jan

Dental Implants: Who are the candidates?

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You have probably heard about dental implants or know someone who has them.  In fact, dental implants are becoming the norm as they are highly successful procedures and because of the natural look and feel they bring to one’s mouth.  In addition to that they are permanent and don’t have the same nuances as dentures.  So who can get dental implants and what are the criteria?

Interestingly enough, most adults are eligible for dental implants provided they meet certain health criteria. Generally if you have healthy gums meaning you are not suffering from severe periodontal disease or infections you can receive dental implants.  You will also need enough bone in your jaw to support the implants because that is where the strength of the bonds is anchored.  This is not to say that if you have lost some bone in your jaw you are not eligible, your dentist may still be able to perform the procedure or offer other treatments before the implants.

People who may not be such good candidates for dental implants may include those who are pregnant, those who smoke, patients who have received high doses of radiation treatment around the head or neck, and people who suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, hemophilia, or immune deficiencies.  The aforementioned criteria may still not negate you from the opportunity to receive implants so you should always consult with your dentist to discuss your personal situation.

The first step to determining your candidacy is getting a consultation that includes an examination of your teeth and mouth.  Your dentist will review your medical and dental histories to make judgments regarding your eligibility and also take thorough x-rays of your mouth to see the amount of bone in your jaw and its shape.  Regardless of your reason for wanting dental implants it is nonetheless important to consult with your dentist if you having missing teeth.  Missing teeth can lead to additional oral health problems such as the deterioration of your jaw.  If you haven’t already, schedule an appointment to explore your oral health options.